SEO Agency in New York City ahead of the curve

Marketing firms in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and even Florida are making a difference in 2015.


Digital marketing is taking over. I read an article in Forbes last year predicting a few things and they are absolutely hitting the nail on the head. I am a blogger and social media addict and for the last few years all the marketing lanes have been kind of siloed and separated. You had your social media people, then your search engine optimization people, then your basic web designers and not much unique, quality and engaging content used through out these platforms.

Another major thing is Branding the right way. Your web site, social media platforms, videos and content built around your business should be done with quality and match across the board.

Look at this agencies social accounts

I cant help but to notice how everything is becoming integrated. Social Media is being tied into the business website and engaging posts and videos with educational material all point back to the business website. Pay Per Click ads are being designed for custom landing pages and forcing prospects to go through a clever sales funnel.

Search engine optimization is extremely powerful and relevant and I can see how social media signals are playing a big factor in this along with quality unique content and lets not forget responsive and quality web design. If you have not heard GOOGLE is rolling out another update focusing on mobile friendly web designs. But this all makes sense. Just look around and tell me how many people are on their cell phone? Seriously go ahead and look. Every body and their mother are searching for services, products and directions from their mobile device and also tablets so my experience and opinion might not mean much to you but remember I said make sure your web site functions correctly and performs well on mobile devices.

This SEO company in NYC is extremely creative and on another level when it comes to packaging all the online marketing avenues together to really create an effective and powerful marketing campaign for businesses. Implementing all your online content to be distributed in a very powerful way is critical and I learned a ton from the owners of My Media Pal. If you own a business you should consider doing some heavy research on local companies or reputable marketing firms to really help you brand and dominate in your market.

check foursquare, YELP and other review sites to get quality reviews on marketing businesses that can really help. If your in New York here is NYC SEO reviews on foursquare. I live in the area as well so shoot me an email if you have any questions about the locations and my opinion on some of these companies. I have been in consulting a very long time so I can help you make smart choices.

Running your business can become over whelming especially with the modern technology but do not let that stop you from living your dream find the right mentors and help that can lead you in the right direction.

Rally Towels as promotional towels for business?

Promotional Towels



Towels are very important in many areas. They’re playing an important role in our lives, because we use them as much as we need and without them we would be supposed to wipe ourselves with clothes or many other odd things.

There are many types of towels, but the most important ones are the bath towel, kitchen towel, baby towel, hand towel, hotel towel and others. Here is Rally Towels YELP page

  • Bath towel are the most popular ones. They have different colors, made by different materials, different sizes and are used to dry the body after bathing or showering.
  • Kitchen towel. You can’t cook if you don’t have at least one kitchen towel, because it helps you clean after cooking.
  • Baby towels are cute and simply towels made for babies. There are baby towels for sustaining the baby or little towels that you can use to clean him/her.
  • Hand towel is a small towel used to dry or wipe your hands.
  • Hotel towels are the towels of the hotel which you can use them as bath towel or as hand towel.

Now that I told you some of important types of towels, you probably know that without them it would be hard, because think about the moment after you take a shower and you don’t have a bath towel to wipe yourself. What would you do in that moment? Will you stay naked until you are dried? I don’t think so.

In spate of the fact that there are many kinds of towels, there is a type named promotional vowels and by saying promotional towels, I’m actually saying that there are some towels who promote different brands, countries, cities etc.

Promotional towels are a good option because they are cheap and useful. They are considered too ordinary to offer them as gifts by many companies, but their price is low, so people can easily buy them. Also, the promotional vowels are more durable than any other practical advertising gifts in the poor economic so they can be used for a long period of time and because they’re mad as high quality, they can be used with high frequency.

Promotional rally towels are one of the best ways to promote your brand, because once you have some promotional vowels, you can share them everywhere and how they are low-priced, people buy them and you/your brand becomes more popular.

The key to success on promotional towels are imagination and a highly-point of view of things. For example, take a look at Coca-Cola’s promotional towel.

As you see, the promotional towel from Coca-Cola represents strict the company and it has an interesting logo who attracts people to buy it.

That’s also a promotional Coca-Cola’s beach towel, represented by some flip-flops and the “Coca-Cola” logo.

You see that it needs a little creativity to made some promotional towels, because you need to make people buy them and this is not that easy work.

Here are some different promotional towels by Rally towels:



Social Prenup APP ?

The New Social app I found.

I was browsing the internet on the latest technology trends coming out and of course I am finding all these new apps popping up all over the place. I can’t believe how many dating apps or meet up apps I see being promoted and going viral like tinder app. I also couldn’t help but be amazed by this clever new app called the social prenup app. This app is basically exactly what it sounds like. With so many people using social media every second of the day and sharing photos of each other this app protects your identity on social media. You are probably wondering how? Well I am no expert with this app but from the research I have done I see some what how this app functions. It pretty much forces your friends, family or spouse to have to sign a prenup before they can post a picture of you out on social media. This is a very funny but kind of serious app. Think about how many celebrities that have embarrassing pictures surfacing the social media net may have been able to use this thing. Now I am not saying that they really would use it but for the heck of it why not send out the social prenup app agreement out anyway. I can see this thing becoming a fun, silly and viral buzz around the new social media addicts. All you Facebook, Instagram and Twitter warriors go check out this funny app and the funny video blow.


Here is the app video for everyone to check out. This video had me laughing!


Going away for a few days might not get to post while I am away.


Remembering My wedding day in N.Y.

Relax and Enjoy your Wedding Day

The wedding day is usually a hectic day that leaves people exhausted, especially the bride and the groom. Despite the day being their day to enjoy, it is filled with activities that need them to be at the center stage at all times. However, there are tips that can help you participate fully on your wedding day and enjoy the day to best of your ability.

Since the day is demanding in terms of energy and attention, it is recommended that you take ample rest the day before the wedding. Getting enough time to sleep on the eve of your wedding allows you to relax and gather energy to take you through the wedding. Therefore, it is advisable to have a bachelor and bachelorette party about a weekend before the wedding. The parties take up a lot of energy and a person is usually exhausted and bored the next day.

On the morning of the wedding, take breakfast that is rich with proteins and energy giving foods like starch. Such food takes time to break down in the body and keep you from feeling hungry for long hours. The food also gives energy to maintain the momentum of the day and enjoy the day. This is advisable because in most cases, the bride and groom stay for a very long time without getting the time to eat.

Have a wedding plan that gives you enough time to prepare. And if you live in New York like my self then make sure you pick the right season to get married in. My wife and I were married at  Oheka Castle in Long Island, NY  and we made sure we picked the month of May because we new winter months were like playing roulette with mother nature. This is important because on the wedding day you need to look at the best, so plan and be prepared. For the bride, it is important for her and the bridesmaids to get enough time to freshen up and look elegant. When you are doing your hair, it is advisable to wear a dress shirt. The dress shirt does need to be pulled over the head like sweat shirts. The pulling over messes the hair again and it becomes stressful.

On the side of the groom, getting organized in the morning should not be too difficult. Pick out all that you need the previous night before the wedding. On the side of the groomsmen, it is important to organize all the details with the groomsmen in time. In most cases, it is relevant to discuss even the conduct since some people get carried away.

Also, ensure that the people you are around with the friends you relate with and people who make you happy. Enjoy the fun of the day, such as the dancing, jokes and celebration. If possible hire a wedding coordinator. Keep time to avoid inconveniences, for instance, the booking for the vows and venue for the reception.

Carry a survival kit to help out with the day`s emergencies such as stains. Also, avoid using the phone during the wedding. The phone I usually a distraction and with the numerous activities that occur, it is often that people will bother with activities taking place. For the bride, take a breath before walking down the aisle, which is among the day`s highlights.

Hiring a well known NYC wedding videographer and photographer was very important to my wife and I so we did our homework. Checked out many websites and portfolios of work along with reviews and really asked our choices a lot of questions. This is going to be your big day so it is okay to plan, plan and plan strategically.

Hope this blog helps relieve a little stress,


My wife and I started our detox diet

We decided to dedicate ourselves to a diet and hear is our suggestions and knowledge
One cannot underestimate the importance of vitamins from fruits and vegetables in diet. As important as they are in your diet, also important is which types you choose. Some offer more nutritional benefits than others. A California study reported that despite the availability of foods that contain phytonutrients, many Americans get too small of these nutrients from the quantity of food they take in daily.

My wife and I started a detox diet about 12 days ago to be exact and we are seeing incredible results including more energy, a full inch off my waste and definitely a faster metabolism if you know what I mean. We are both eating alot of veggies, lean meats, taking a multi vitamin, juicing and taking skinnyme tea product.

Phytonutrients are compounds that occur naturally and provide a range of health benefits which include promoting growth, healthy heart, brain and immune functions. These nutrients majorly come from fruit pigments as well as vegetables especially the oranges, reds, greens and other natural color foods. Naturally, certain types of these foods contain a high level of these compounds making them more concentrated and basically the best source of these nutrients.

These nutrients are found in most of the top foods like orange, carrots, grapes, garlic, strawberries, tea, tomatoes and different soy products. Some fruits and vegetables however, possess more of these nutrients than others. When choosing these nutrients, people most times settle for fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, strawberries, oranges, orange juice and mustard but there are more concentrated foods that can be chosen instead like sweet potatoes, kale, pawpaw, raspberries and watercress. The actual aim is to get people closing the nutrient deficiency gap by choosing foods very rich in vitamins and minerals.

I really enjoy juicing every morning and the last 10 days juicing mixed with over a gallon of water per day plus one cup of detox teap per day has really improved my mental state along with some physical appearance. I will be sharing my before and after real soon over the next few weeks once I hit my first goal. :) If you would like more information on that detoxing tea you can visit

What most food experts and researchers say is that most people do not include enough of this food group in their diet. By not eating enough in your diet, you lose the benefit of these essential nutrients. People who consume the recommended amount of this food group generally get up to 3 times more of these nutrients in their diets when compared to those who donít. These foods supply a variety of nutrients for your body including fiber and various minerals. If you are on a diet, because the fiber reduces your ability to feel full, thus helping you not to eat as much as you would normally.

Vitamins and minerals though do not supply the energy needed by your body to perform, they however fuel the muscles during exercise by influencing the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats which mainly provide energy for exercise. They also play a major role in repairing and regrowing muscle protein just after exercise. There are metabolic enzymes in the body called Bio-chemical controllers which drive many metabolic processes. For proper operation, these enzymes require co-enzymes or cofactors and these cofactors are found in many B vitamins. If there are plenty of B vitamins in your diet, your metabolic enzymes will be able to function optimally, thus enabling you to perform at your peak.

As you prepare your diet program, ensure you increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are not only healthy for your body, they taste good. As you increase the amount of these in your diet daily, you can help your body fight chronic diseases that afflict organs of the body like the heart and liver. A sound diet plan coupled with regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and lead a happier life.

My expensive rug almost ruined

Family party in New York !

I had a family party a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, I got to see all of my family members that I haven’t seen in a while. I also invited some of my close friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It was so much fun, I had around 100 people at my house; we had games, catered food and lots of drinks. Everything was going well until I found out that my nieces and nephews were in my special room.

Let me tell you what my special room is all about. My special room is where I keep all of my personal belongings and things that mean the world to me like, gifts, awards & accomplishments, souvenirs from my travels and other sentimental stuff. I also have things in there that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Lets just say that I do not permit anyone to enter this room, especially without my supervision.juice stains on rug



They were able to clean my home gym rug as well. Best New York Carpet Cleaners!

When I found out that my nieces and nephews were in there hanging out going through the stuff, I got furious. I was livid, I told them to get out right away. As I was telling them to get out, they all rushed and my nephew Ryan accidentally spilled his cup of fruit punch on my white patterned Persian rug that I bought 3 years ago. That did it for me, I was furious but I kept my composure.

Right away, My brother in law told me to call I called them and I asked them if they could get the fruit punch stain off of my rug. The woman I spoke to said that they are very experienced in removing that type of stain, I honestly felt a little better after speaking to the woman.

The next day the company came over and did what they needed to do. To my surprise, the stain was completely removed and they also cleaned the whole rug, restoring it to look almost brand new. The best part was this was, it was completely done within one hour. I was so happy and impressed with their service; I even gave the workers $100 tip. I honestly thought that I had lost something that had a lot of meaning to me and I had to get a brand new rug.


My Daughters Prom in L.I. New York

I recently watched my daughter and all her friends gather at my home for prom last month in the Hamptons Long Island, NY. We had a camera guy, drinks and appetizers for all the kids and their parents as we waited for the party bus to arrive for pick up. Of course it brought back many memories of when I was in high school but things were definitely different. Now I could not help but notice how prom had changed compared to then. The extra length everyone wants to go to stand out on that night of glitz and glamour. I watched as my daughter and her friends laughed and talked about their gowns, the red, white, black and blue silk gowns and pencil hill shoes to match, the make ups, the hair extensions and eyelash extensions. It quickly dawned on me how this particular fad with the extensions had become not just popular among girls their age but generally among women in the long island, New York area.

About 20 of these girls hired Ada-Lashes-N-Locks-eyelash extension in Long Island and a hair extension expert with a well known name in NY area. I had a chance to hang around and talk to her as well and even Ada a celebrity glamour professional was surprised at the popularity over the years in America and most especially the Hamptons Long Island, NY area and this is partly due to how many celebrities have made it a must and are seen sporting them in music videos, movies, interviews, magazines and so on. Though this has made for some certain degree of attraction for them by fashion conscious women, their popularity is mainly down to their affordability and time efficiency.

Hair extensions have quickly become the most popular way of adding length and volume to hair. For many women looking for a fantastic way to get that enchanting look for an occasion or even to add life to a dull hair, this is the way to go. Hair extensions come in two main types, which are the synthetic hair variant and the human hair extension. The synthetic ones are made from synthetic fibers and are very affordable and are quite popular because they afford people the chance to get their favorite celebrity looks on a shoe string budget. However, the bad side to synthetic hair extensions is that they only really create a temporary look as heat cannot be applied on synthetic fibers, therefore restricting the usage of hair appliances or curlers on it. On the other hand are human hair extensions which are the most popular hair extensions youíll find and why this is so is not rocket science. They are real, more natural, can be colored, curled, straightened to even match with your natural hair. Infact they can be styled to whatever look you want.

Just like hair extensions, so have Eyelash extensions over the years risen in popularity too. Nowadays hardly are photo shoots done without them. eyelash extensions are glamorous, a beauty accessory women that have not been blessed with long lashes use to achieve a natural, eye enhancing look. Many saloon owners say customers love how lashes enhance their overall look, not to talk of how it reduces time spent daily on beauty regimens. If eyelash extensions are correctly applied, they shouldnít hurt although they will have to take some getting used to, even for the old timers. A process that started in East Asia, today has now become a popular trend worldwide that almost everywoman wants to be a part of. Fixing eyelash extensions take a little over 2 to 3 hours and can last up to 6 weeks. Once in proper position, activities like sleep, exercise, dance, baths or swims cannot dislodge it. However, it is necessary fixing it is done by an experienced professional as the process can be quite sophisticating and handling glue close to the eyes require extra caution.

Most of the celebrities and fashion people today use hair extensions or eyelash extensions, but you don’t need to be a celebrity or a fashionista before you can showcase the actual strength of your beauty. There are many beauty salons in the Long Island, New York area who can handle these processes professionally. These centers have trained and experienced technicians who will give you hair and eyelash extensions that are safe, non irritating and long lasting too. They are simple to maintain while being so amazingly attractive.

It amazed me how Eyelash Extensions And Hair Extensions Are Becoming Popular In The Long Island New York Area