My expensive rug almost ruined

Family party in New York !

I had a family party a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, I got to see all of my family members that I haven’t seen in a while. I also invited some of my close friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It was so much fun, I had around 100 people at my house; we had games, catered food and lots of drinks. Everything was going well until I found out that my nieces and nephews were in my special room.

Let me tell you what my special room is all about. My special room is where I keep all of my personal belongings and things that mean the world to me like, gifts, awards & accomplishments, souvenirs from my travels and other sentimental stuff. I also have things in there that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family. Lets just say that I do not permit anyone to enter this room, especially without my supervision.juice stains on rug



They were able to clean my home gym rug as well. Best New York Carpet Cleaners!

When I found out that my nieces and nephews were in there hanging out going through the stuff, I got furious. I was livid, I told them to get out right away. As I was telling them to get out, they all rushed and my nephew Ryan accidentally spilled his cup of fruit punch on my white patterned Persian rug that I bought 3 years ago. That did it for me, I was furious but I kept my composure.

Right away, My brother in law told me to call I called them and I asked them if they could get the fruit punch stain off of my rug. The woman I spoke to said that they are very experienced in removing that type of stain, I honestly felt a little better after speaking to the woman.

The next day the company came over and did what they needed to do. To my surprise, the stain was completely removed and they also cleaned the whole rug, restoring it to look almost brand new. The best part was this was, it was completely done within one hour. I was so happy and impressed with their service; I even gave the workers $100 tip. I honestly thought that I had lost something that had a lot of meaning to me and I had to get a brand new rug.


My Daughters Prom in L.I. New York

I recently watched my daughter and all her friends gather at my home for prom last month in the Hamptons Long Island, NY. We had a camera guy, drinks and appetizers for all the kids and their parents as we waited for the party bus to arrive for pick up. Of course it brought back many memories of when I was in high school but things were definitely different. Now I could not help but notice how prom had changed compared to then. The extra length everyone wants to go to stand out on that night of glitz and glamour. I watched as my daughter and her friends laughed and talked about their gowns, the red, white, black and blue silk gowns and pencil hill shoes to match, the make ups, the hair extensions and eyelash extensions. It quickly dawned on me how this particular fad with the extensions had become not just popular among girls their age but generally among women in the long island, New York area.

About 20 of these girls hired Ada-Lashes-N-Locks-eyelash extension in Long Island and a hair extension expert with a well known name in NY area. I had a chance to hang around and talk to her as well and even Ada a celebrity glamour professional was surprised at the popularity over the years in America and most especially the Hamptons Long Island, NY area and this is partly due to how many celebrities have made it a must and are seen sporting them in music videos, movies, interviews, magazines and so on. Though this has made for some certain degree of attraction for them by fashion conscious women, their popularity is mainly down to their affordability and time efficiency.

Hair extensions have quickly become the most popular way of adding length and volume to hair. For many women looking for a fantastic way to get that enchanting look for an occasion or even to add life to a dull hair, this is the way to go. Hair extensions come in two main types, which are the synthetic hair variant and the human hair extension. The synthetic ones are made from synthetic fibers and are very affordable and are quite popular because they afford people the chance to get their favorite celebrity looks on a shoe string budget. However, the bad side to synthetic hair extensions is that they only really create a temporary look as heat cannot be applied on synthetic fibers, therefore restricting the usage of hair appliances or curlers on it. On the other hand are human hair extensions which are the most popular hair extensions youíll find and why this is so is not rocket science. They are real, more natural, can be colored, curled, straightened to even match with your natural hair. Infact they can be styled to whatever look you want.

Just like hair extensions, so have Eyelash extensions over the years risen in popularity too. Nowadays hardly are photo shoots done without them. eyelash extensions are glamorous, a beauty accessory women that have not been blessed with long lashes use to achieve a natural, eye enhancing look. Many saloon owners say customers love how lashes enhance their overall look, not to talk of how it reduces time spent daily on beauty regimens. If eyelash extensions are correctly applied, they shouldnít hurt although they will have to take some getting used to, even for the old timers. A process that started in East Asia, today has now become a popular trend worldwide that almost everywoman wants to be a part of. Fixing eyelash extensions take a little over 2 to 3 hours and can last up to 6 weeks. Once in proper position, activities like sleep, exercise, dance, baths or swims cannot dislodge it. However, it is necessary fixing it is done by an experienced professional as the process can be quite sophisticating and handling glue close to the eyes require extra caution.

Most of the celebrities and fashion people today use hair extensions or eyelash extensions, but you don’t need to be a celebrity or a fashionista before you can showcase the actual strength of your beauty. There are many beauty salons in the Long Island, New York area who can handle these processes professionally. These centers have trained and experienced technicians who will give you hair and eyelash extensions that are safe, non irritating and long lasting too. They are simple to maintain while being so amazingly attractive.

It amazed me how Eyelash Extensions And Hair Extensions Are Becoming Popular In The Long Island New York Area