Corynebacterium Xerosis


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corynebacterium xerosis motilecorynebacterium xerosis motile
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corynebacterium xerosis microbiologycorynebacterium xerosis microbiology
corynebacterium xerosis catalasecorynebacterium xerosis catalase
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corynebacterium propinquumcorynebacterium propinquum
corynebacterium diphtheriaecorynebacterium diphtheriae
corynebacterium boviscorynebacterium bovis
corynebacterium striatumcorynebacterium striatum
corynebacterium minutissimumcorynebacterium minutissimum
corynebacterium coyleaecorynebacterium coyleae
corynebacterium amycolatumcorynebacterium amycolatum

Bacterial species characterized by being fermentative , Gram-positive , slightly curved rod -shape, typically lacking end swellings, and occurring as a commensal in human skin and conjunctival sac either singly or in pairs in the shapes of V or Y

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