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corynebacterium striatumcorynebacterium striatum
corynebacterium speciescorynebacterium species
corynebacterium diphtheriaecorynebacterium diphtheriae
corynebacterium xerosiscorynebacterium xerosis
corynebacterium jeikeiumcorynebacterium jeikeium
corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticumcorynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticum
corynebacterium antibioticcorynebacterium antibiotic

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corynebacterium propinquumcorynebacterium propinquum
corynebacterium diphtheriaecorynebacterium diphtheriae
corynebacterium boviscorynebacterium bovis
corynebacterium striatumcorynebacterium striatum
corynebacterium minutissimumcorynebacterium minutissimum
corynebacterium coyleaecorynebacterium coyleae
corynebacterium amycolatumcorynebacterium amycolatum

Warning: In the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature , an arrow ( → ) only indicates the sequence of valid publication of names and does not mean that the last name in the sequence must be used (see: Introduction ).

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